Agricultural commodities Marketing

This course provides adequate basic knowledge about the principles and tools of marketing management, enabling their application and adaptation to the agri-food sector, with particular focus on the agricultural commodity market.  

Main content: • Understanding the market and consumer needs. • Designing strategy and customer relationship: Marketing strategy and the marketing mix. • Analyzing the firm's marketing environment: micro and macroenvironment. • Marketing research: qualitative and quantitative survey methods. • Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning. • Products, services, brands: what is a product, product life cycle strategies. • Setting and managing sales prices. • SWOT analysis.

Target: Bachelor students

Language of teaching: Italian

Year: From 2022 to present

Consumer Behavior

This course focuses on the fundamental theoretical analysis of consumer behavior, and the application of these theories to real case studies. Methods for the collection and analysis of data will be explained. The course will also pay attention to the link between these phases and the background theoretical framework.

Main content: • Appreciate, evaluate, summarize and discuss complex issues on the psycho-social of food choice and eating behavior, taking different perspectives on these issues. • Description and analysis of different models of food choice and behavior (e.g. the Theory of Planned Behaviour) • Design and program simple questionnaires and experimental tasks related to food choice

Target: Master students

Language of teaching: English

Year: From 2020 to present


Methods and techniques for consumer analysis

The aim of this course is to develop specific skills in consumer research in the food sector by a mix of lectures and tutorials where each topic is discussed in both methodology and application. The intention is to provide a description of a number of different qualitative and quantitative research methods and examples of how they may be applied to management food business decisions. Collection and analysis of data to address food and sensory marketing challenges will be considered.

Main content: Data collection, data processing, descriptive analysis, sampling strategies, focus groups, cluster and conjoint analysis, survey design, consumer sensory test, selection and application of research methods using basic statistical software, report communication and writing skills.

Target: Master students

Language of teaching: Italian

Year: From 2020 to present


Master in "Organic Production: from  Farm to Commercialization"

This Master provides the participants the required skills to organize and coordinate business in the organic market, with particular reference to the evolution of the new regulation and know-how for the development and the competitiveness of agri-food production, the evolution of the market, and the consumer segmentation.

Main content: Strategic & Operational Marketing, Market-pull & Technology-driven, the Market Orientation, the Extended Model Of Market Orientation, Customers’ Needs, Human Motivations, The Means-end Chain Model, limited rationality, perceived risk, Consumer Involvement, Measuring Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction, SWOT Analysis, including individual and group hands-on activities.

Website: https://master.unibo.it/produzione-biologica/it

Target: Graduate Students and Professionals

Language of teaching: Italian

Year: From 2020 to present


Consumer Research: Food Choices and Healthy Eating Behavior

This course is designed to strengthen the student’s knowledge and understanding of food choices and health. The students are encouraged to consider the relationship between food and nutrition and how the role of social science concepts, theories, and methods can provide useful tools for understanding and addressing food and nutrition issues.

Main content: topics will address factors that influence healthy food behavior based on cultures, personal factors, habits, contexts, and others. The course will include some examples of qualitative and quantitative international recent studies, published work, and on-going projects.

Target: Bachelor and Master students

Language of teaching: English

Year: 2019-2020


Academic Research From Start to Publish

This course is designed to strengthen the student’s knowledge and understanding of Academic writing/presenting skills as well as other Academic-related tasks (i.e. reviewing, project design, etc.).

Main content: Research Question, Critical Thinking, Scientific Writing, Reviewing and Publishing, Conference Abstracts and Poster, Presentation and Pitch Skills, Productivity Tools, including citation and writing management software (Mendeley, Publons, Writefull).

Target: Ph.D. candidates

Language of teaching: English

Year: From 2020 to present


Master COMET in "Culture, Organization and Marketing of Local Gastronomy"

Main content: Food Quality Schemes Policy (i.e. Geographical Indications), Italian Sounding and Novel Food legal framework and Consumer Behavior, Business Plan.

Website: https://www.mastercomet.it/

Language of teaching: Italian

Year: 2014-2020


Master MAFOOD in "Agribusiness and Food Management" 

Main content: Writing, Presenting and Pitching skills, European Food Quality Schemes Policy and Choice Experiments Design, including hands-on activities.

Website: http://www.mafood-master.com/

Language of teaching: Italian

Year: 2015-2017



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