Genetic Techniques & Foods

  • PreSto GMO ERA-Net. Preparatory steps towards a GMO research ERA-Net - EU (FP7)
    PreSto GMO-ERA-Net lays the groundwork for translational research on the health, environmental and techno-economic impacts of GMOs. The project engages stakeholders throughout all stages of the project to ensure that future research in this area will also be highly relevant and meaningful from a broader societal perspective.
  • “PEGASUS” (Public Perception of Genetically modified Animals) - EU (FP7); 2009-2012
    PEGASUS aimed to provide policy support regarding the development, implementation and commercialization of GM animals, and derivative foods and pharmaceutical products. The results will contribute to the FP7 KBBE by integrating existing social, (including existing public perception) environmental and economic knowledge regarding GM animals.

Reference list:

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