Healthy & Sustainable Diet

“NudIFood. Using Healthy and Sustainable Nudge to Improve University Students’ Food Choices” (Principal Investigator) – University funded project; 2021-2022.
Provide effective intervention (nudging) to be tested and used in the university canteen to promote health and sustainable diet in an online pre-ordering app/website context. Research questions are related to understanding what drives young consumers to make food choices in a university canteen, investigating whether the interventions (nudging) are effective in online, pre-ordering context to support the consumption of healthy and sustainable food products, including the magnitude of the effect if any. Moreover this project will provide evidence-based recommendations for policymakers, professionals (e.g., catering managers and staff, nutritionists, dietitians), researchers as well as staff members of the Universities.

Partners involved: University of Parma (Italy), Maastricht University (the Netherland), Cornell University (US), Technical Universität München (Germany)

Reference list:

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