Call for translation!

1 Jan, 2018

Hi all,

I have already spent six months here at Cornell. During this time, I started working on my project “CONSUMEHealth” and learning new skills in a really engaging environment.

In the last months I also tried to get more people to know my blog, my project and the Marie Curie programme. One way to achieve this goal is to facilitate the reading and understanding of my abstract in as many languages as possible.

Thanks to the help of friends and “friends of friends”, who volunteered to translate the abstract from English to their native language, now my project abstract is translated in almost 20 different languages. I am really satisfied because most of the countries in Europe are represented; however I would like to enrich the presence of more extra-European languages. Some of them are already present such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Thai.

Find out here if your native language is not present and in the case please contact me, with your help we can reach out more people in your country. This special call for the "abstract translation" is always open ;) 

Happy New Year and a special thank toAna, Aurelia, Edith, Fenna, Francesco, Huy, Joo Yun, Joseph, Laura, Ludvig, Mariana, Marina, Nadezhda, Natascha, Nikolaos, Rung, Sara and Shuxiang.



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