Where GMOs research will lead to?

24 Jul, 2017

A new paper on a stakeholder engagement approach for identifying future research directions in the evaluation of current and emerging applications of GMOs was published on the Bio-based and Applied Economics (BAE).

The journal Bio-based and Applied Economics (BAE) provides a forum for presentation and discussion of applied research in the field of bio-based sectors and related policies, informing evidence-based decision-making and policy-making.  

This study was part of a bigger European project called PreSto GMO-ERA-Net, which laid the groundwork for translational research on health, environmental and techno-economic impacts of GMOs.

In this work, me and my co-authors Davide Menozzi, Kaloyan Kostov, Salvatore Arpaia, Daniela Moyankova and Cristina Mora have analysed the current research priorities identified in EU countries and to engage European stakeholders into the formulation of future common research needs regarding the effect of the possible adoption of commercially available and forthcoming genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the areas of socio-economics, human and animal health, and environment.


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