Italian consumers & farmed and wild fish

1 Dec, 2023

Last month, our research group published an article on the role of objective and subjective knowledge on the attitude and intention of Italian consumers to purchase farmed and wild fish on the Journal of Agricultural and Food Economics.

In our investigation, we observed a notable lack of consumer awareness regarding fish production methods, contributing to uncertainty and skepticism during fish selection and purchase. Our study, conducted through an online survey in Italy (n=776) in 2020, explored the impact of beliefs and both objective and subjective knowledge on consumer attitudes and intentions when choosing between farmed and wild fish. The results indicated that both objective and subjective knowledge influenced attitudes toward both types of fish, while only subjective knowledge impacted the intention to purchase wild fish. Interestingly, the intention to purchase correlated with fish-buying frequency. Although information on production methods influenced attitudes, it didn't directly shape purchasing intentions. These findings suggest an opportunity for policymakers and industry groups to enhance communication strategies, emphasizing aspects of safety, healthiness, control, and quality in fish production methods. By doing so, we can enhance transparency, build consumer trust, and promote the acceptance and consumption of aquaculture products.




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