IPSUS-Eranet meeting in Parma

6 Nov, 2023

The University of Parma was thrilled to organize and host the IPSUS-Eranet meeting last October 26-27 in collaboration with SSICA - Research Foundation.

The mid-term meeting of the IPSUS project “Climate-smart food innovation using plant and seaweed proteins from upcycled sources”. The IPSUS project addresses the crucial intersection of environmental sustainability, food security, and unhealthy dietary patterns. Its focus is on transforming protein sources and reducing food loss and waste by extracting upcycled plant and seaweed proteins from underutilized raw materials. The project explores the quantity, quality, and upcycling potential of FLW along diverse value chains, employing novel and energy-efficient extraction methods.


 The work is structured into six work packages, focusing on opportunities, safety, and nutrition of upcycled proteins, eco-innovative extraction methods, prototyping plant-based meat and cheese alternatives, market analysis, consumer behavior, and project management. The collaborative, three-year initiative involves partners from six countries, addressing sustainability, nutrition, and market trends for a circular and resource-efficient food system.


 Thank you to all the partners for the fruitful and collaborative scientific discussion. The mid-term meeting of the hashtag#IPSUS project “Climate-smart food innovation.


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