Guest Lecture from ISA-France

27 Oct, 2023

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Professor Mathilde Vandenberghe for the second time here in Parma as a lecturer for my course in METHODS AND TECHNIQUES FOR CONSUMER ANALYSIS.

This course aims to develop specific skills in consumer research in the food sector through a mix of lectures and tutorials where each topic is discussed in both methodology and application. The intention is to describe many different qualitative and quantitative research methods and examples of how they may be applied to the management of food business decisions.


Mathilde is an Associate Professor at the Department of Food Sciences – Applied Consumer and Sensory Sciences, JUNIA, France and she came to Parma thanks to the Programme Erasmus+. The Erasmus+ for teachers is an enriching program that falls under the broader Erasmus+ initiative by the European Union. This specific branch caters to the professional development needs of educators. Through Erasmus+ for teachers, educators gain exposure to diverse teaching methodologies, cultural perspectives, and educational systems.

Mathilde explained what sensory analysis means, i.e., a discipline that evaluates and interprets human responses to the characteristics of food, and beverages through the senses like taste, aroma, texture, and appearance. This process, vital in industries like food and beverage, aids in product development, quality control, and ensuring consumer satisfaction by aligning products with sensory expectations and preferences.


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