Presentation at the12th AIEAA Conference in Milan

2 Jul, 2023

Last week, I participated at the 12th Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) Conference which took place at the University of Milano.

The topic of this year’s conference was "Guns, Germs and Climate: Food Security and Food Systems in a Risky World" and the aim was to discuss how shocks – being extreme weather events, health-related shocks, or anthropogenic events (e.g., conflicts) – are affecting food systems and explore how food systems can be reformed to be better prepared to absorb, adapt and transform in the face of shocks as well as to slow on set disruptions.
The first Plenary Session was about “Jobs, Food and Greening – Exploring the Implications of the Green transition on Jobs in the Agri-Food System” with Luc CHRISTIAENSEN from The World Bank as Keynote Speaker.


The title of my presentation was “Intention and behavior toward eating whole grain pasta on a college dining campus”. This study has the primary aim to understand whether providing information on the health benefits of whole grain would influence the behavior to consume whole grain pasta in the near future (e.g., next month), using the Theory of Planned Behavior as the theoretical framework.


The day before the conference took place the 1st AIEAA – Young Researchers Day 2023. This event was the occasion for PhD students and earlier carrier researchers in agriculture and food economics to present their work in progress in an informal conference setting. Giulia Andreani, a PhD candidate in consumer behavior working in our research group at the Department of Food and Drug, presented her PhD project “Do color-coded labels influence consumers’ sensory evaluation of plant-based products?”.




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