AGROINSECTA 2022 Insecticulture in Circular Agriculture

26 Oct, 2022

Last week I had the pleasure to attend and give a talk to AGROINSECTA 2022, Insecticulture in Circular Agriculture, an event that was held in Tortona, Italy.

AgroInsecta is a professional event dedicated to farming and processing technologies, as well as best practices for the breeding of beneficial insects, intended for power supply, to feed, to biological control and pollination. In an ideal thematic link with Biomethane Day and Agribiogas, AgroInsecta 2022 is aimed at agriculture and agro-industry with a view to circularity and complementarity. The breeding of insects as an efficient source of noble proteins, in place of meat and fish, allows a recovery of waste, residues and by-products of the agri-food chain and integrates with the agro-energy activity, to which it offers the possibility of recovering “by-products and residues” from the production of renewable energy, such as gas and electricity, in the form of thermal waste and electrical surpluses.

I provided a talk on edible insects in the context of novel foods and consumer perception. At the end of the event, a tasting session with a bug banquet, including both whole and processed insects, was offered to all the participants.






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