NutrEvent Conference in Nantes

10 Oct, 2022

Last week I had the pleasure to attend and present at the at the NutrEvent Conference “Feed Innovation Insights” held in Nantes, France, in two sessions related to ": Insights into improving texture and taste in the formulation of healthy food" and "Feed Innovation Insights".

NutrEvent offers a comprehensive programme dealing with the latest market trends and R&D innovations in Food, Feed, Nutrition, and Health.

My first talk was about consumer perception of plant-based meat. Along with health benefits and sustainability, taste and texture are essential elements of consumer preference. Texture, like the taste, is key in food consumption and is deeply linked to other sensory properties. From healthy snacks to alternative protein products, how is the food industry working on the formulation to create healthy offerings that also satisfy the senses? This topic was discussed along other panelists: Marie-Lucie Kankolongo Cibaka, Food Sensory and Innovation Consultant (BE),  Gilles Candotti, France Coordinator, Mosa Meat (FR), and Lucie Giraud, Nutraceutical Application Manager, Microphyt (FR).


My second talk was about “Consumer acceptance of insects as feed: current findings and future outlooks”.

As the consumption of meat and animal products increases with population growth, there is a need for feed management strategies that are more sustainable for animals and the environment. This includes a shift towards more sustainable proteins for animal feed. What new ingredients offer alternatives? What are the opportunities for diversification and substitution?  
Along with Nico van Belzen (ScienceConsult), Julie Pecqueur (Arbiom), Marie-Pierre Albouy Duclercq (Earthworm Foundation) we all have shared our vision on alternative protein sources for animal nutrition.





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