Guest professor at Junia Lille

31 Mar, 2022

Last week I was a guest professor at the ISA Lille Graduate School of Agriculture and Bioengineering, Lille in France.

I lectured a class in the Master Program “Management option Trade and Consumer”, and an "EQ projects: quantitative studies". The teaching programme focuses on the fundamental theoretical analysis of consumer behavior, and the application of these theories to real case studies in the food system.

The aim of these lectures is to examine in detail the structure and content of these consumer surveys, highlighting the pros/cons of different methods/approaches. The final objective is to compare how these surveys differ and identify best practices in terms of designing and implementing consumer’s questionnaires, and analysing/interpreting the data.


I also met wtih faculty members of the University to open further collaboration: Amar DJOUAK, Responsable de l’équipe « Entrepreneuriat » - Département Business management and Julie CHRISTIAEN, /COORDINATOR of the Master INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING and, moreover, I met with master's students and discussed with them their research projects.



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