18 Oct, 2021

Last week we had our first consortium meeting of the FOOD IMPROV'IDERS project which was supposed to be a transnational face-to-face one but due to covid19 unfortunately it was an online conference.

We had the chance to discuss the progress of the project, each partner presented some outputs, important issues and the next steps. The FOOD IMPROV'IDERS project thus aims to facilitate EU producers' uptake of relevant knowledge and competencies through fit far purpose training content and adapted learning methodology. 


To achieve these objectives and impacts, the project will adopt a producer-centric approach by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of producers in term of knowledge and training preferences. FOOD IMPROV'IDERS will study innovative food chain models that result in a fairer position for producers and develop fit-for purpose educational materiai identifying the determinants and key levers behind successful practices to facilitate the replication of fairer food chain models (WP1}. Develop an e-learning platform tailored by the needs and feedback of the target audience and adapt the educational content developed for online self-learning (WP2}. The developed pedagogica! content on short food chains will be implemented and refined during blended-learning training sessions in the second and third year of the project training 360-480 EU producers (WP3, WP4}. The project will ensure a wider uptake of the project results via a strong communication and dissemination strategy (WPS} supported by efficient project management (WP6}.




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