Factors influencing the intention to purchase meat-mushroom blended burgers among college students

27 Feb, 2021

In recent years, the rise in meat consumption has been criticized for health, environmental, and ethical reasons. This trend has fostered the shift from a meat-centric diet to a plant-forward diet.

A prime example of this is the introduction of “blended meat products” that mix plant-based ingredients into meat-based foods. We conducted a study to investigate the impact of key demographic, motivational and attitudinal factors on the purchase intention of a meat-mushroom blended burger in which mushrooms partially replaced beef. We designed and implemented a survey in a U.S. college campus residential dining hall (n = 296). The results show that young consumers with a positive perception of a sustainable diet, with a positive attitude toward food innovation, and with a positive motivation to process sustainability and nutrition information were more likely to purchase the meat-mushroom blended burger. The results have implications for marketers, policymakers, as well as for retailers. These findings can help them better understand young consumers' behavior and identify strategies to encourage young adults to shift from a meat-centric diet to a plant-forwarded diet.

The link to the paper is available here.



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