MEDEA - MEDEA Summer School a Catania

20 Feb, 2020

Next 24-29 May, 2020, the First Edition of "MEDEA - MEditerranean diet, bioDivErsity and functionAl food" Summer School will take place in Catania, Sicily. MEDEA is a cultural, scientific and sensorial journey to understand the cultivation, transformation and tasting of the Mediterranean diet food from organic farming through lectures and in field experiences.

The program will last 5 days, each one dedicated to a specific thematic area. Frontal lectures given by university professors and professionals from different research areas will give a modern and up-to-date interpretation of how excellent products have always been at the base of the Mediterranean diet.

Topics Covered:

  • Mediterranean diet, nutraceutics, functional food diet – microbiota interaction
  • Ancient grains and different cultivars
  • visit to "Stazione Sperimentale di Granicoltura"
  • on Etna slopes and different cultivars
  • Field visit to Etna
  • Citrus cultivation, exotic plants and different cultivars
  • Field visit around acireale and taormina
  • Organic aquaculture, honey and oil
  • Field visit to nucellare oil cultivar

Program Coordinator
Rosario Musumeci

Scientific committee University of Milano-Bicocca
Rosario Musumeci
Paola Palestini
Emanuela Cazzaniga
Alessandra Bulbarelli

The deadline to apply is 15 March 2020. More info on






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