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22 Oct, 2018

Last October 20th, as a visiting fellow at Cornell University, I participated at University-Wide GET SET Teaching Conference. This event was offered by Center for Teaching Innovation and was open to all graduate students, TAs, and postdocs at Cornell.

This program provided an opportunity for interdisciplinary discussions on teaching with faculty and peers from across campus. The Plenary Session was held by Professor Jenny Knight, the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado and was focused on “Evidence-Based Techniques to Improve Student Interactions and Learning”.

During the lunch break, I also had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Thomas D. Gilovich, Chair of Psychology at Cornell. He is an expert on How do people assess what they and others are like, what the future has in store, and what events in the past “really mean".  

In addition, since last year, I had the opportunity to participate in weekly workshops on teaching and learning in higher education. Here are some examples of seminars I attended:

Designing Student Assessment to Evaluate Yourself as a Teacher

Enhancing Your Communication Skills for Teaching

Integrating Technology into Your Classes

Designing a Syllabus

Engaging Students in Quantitative Courses

Strategies for Teaching a Diverse Classroom



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