The International Forum on Food and Nutrition in New York

29 Sep, 2018

The world food system is called to face unprecedented challenges. Today in the world 815 million people are hungry, while 2.1 billion people are obese or overweight, one third of food production is wasted along the food supply chain - from farm to table - and a large part of agricultural and food production it is used for feed and biofuels in spite of the scourge of hunger in the world.

Every year, the BCFN Foundation organises the International Forum on Food and Nutrition: an event founded to provide an open space for interdisciplinary discussion on issues of nutrition and sustainability.

This year the International Forum on Nutrition and Nutrition was held on September 28, in New York and I had the pleasure to be there and listening and networking at this global platform event.

The major aim to promote a radical change in the approach of all stakeholders, in a coordinated and uniform way. Experts, international opinion-makers and young research fellows met at this event with the aim to share evidence, scientific data and best practices, with the goal of creating a model of sustainable food to reach the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.




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