Michigan State University hosted in Parma

24 May, 2018

A group of students from Michigan State University (USA) was invited as special guest to the University of Parma on Monday 21, May. The delegation was led by Professor Rhonda Crackel, Director of Study Abroad of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources of Michigan State University and Cathy Weir, Professor in International Food Safety.

The event, held at the Centro S. Elisabetta - University of Parma, was moderated by me as a current Marie Curie fellow. During the afternoon, a set of short talks carried out by young researchers of the Department of Food and Drug of the University of Parma were given and discussed among the participants. Especially, taking into consideration how Academia and Industry can collaborate together and benefit the overall Italian Food System, within a more international context.

Giovanni Sogari, Geographical Indications & Italian Sounding

Luca Bettera, “Italian cheese… from the mountains!”

Maria Paciulli, "Chestnut peels: from a food waste to a valuable and functional ingredient for cereal-based products“

Nicolo’ Cataldi, Wheat bread enriched with lentil flour

Alessia Levante, Typical products of Parma: a travel guide to fly overseas

Umberto Massa Saluzzo: Wine Tasting offered by VI.VO. Cantine Veneto Orientale 


The aim of this meeting was to open a collaboration between the University of Parma and the Michigan State University starting with a presentation of what the University is doing within the field of the food area.

The programme schedule included the welcoming of Alessandro Bernazzoli, Head of International Office - University of Parma, followed by Alessandra Rossi, Responsible for International Relations - Department of Food and Drug and Cristina Mora Professor in Food Economics and Responsible for Placement who explained the Food Degree Courses in our Department. At the end of the presentation, a set Gastronomy tasting sessions from food experts and a light aperitif were offered at the end which created the opportunity for networking and social activities among students, researchers and professors.



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