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21 Apr, 2018

Last week (April 12 – 13), I participated at the mini-symposium titled, Patient Experience Rx: Healing the Whole Human, organized by the Cornell Institute of Healthy Futures (CIHF)

The mission of the CIHF is to give a multidisciplinary platform for integrating hospitality, health management and policy, and design thinking to improve service excellence in healthcare, wellness, senior living, and the business sector. The Symposium Chair was Rohit Verma (in the picture below)CIHF Executive Director and Faculty member of the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

During this event, panelists, session chairs, and breakout discussions have brought together skillfully developed, academic scholars, leaders, and students for engagement that focused highly relevant subject of patient experience with healthcare. Health policy and a general trend toward consumerization have switched to the power in the more paternalistic dynamic to one in which the consumer is progressively considered with a central role. One of the main take-aways is that in the last years also the importance in food and diet quality is increasingly becoming key element in healthcare delivery through the era of the complexities surrounding hospitality and medical health care system.


Finally, also a students competition has been organized, entitled “Whole Human Healthcare Innovation Challenge”. Students presented with a poster presentation potential solution for a better healthcare delivery system and design an innovative patient experience.



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