The Italian Association of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AIEAA) welcomes the submission of contributions for the 7th AIEAA Conference Evidence-based policies to face new challenges for agri-food systems. Among the keynote speakers Pierluigi Londero (European Commission, Belgium) Robert Finger (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Andrea Cattaneo (FAO, Italy), Zohra Bouamra-Mechemache (GREMAQ-INRA, France). The event will be held in Conegliano (TV) next 14-15 June 2018. Participants intending to present a paper are requested to submit an extended abstract (minimum 1000 words; maximum 1500 words) before February 15.

Next 27-29 June, the 2nd INTERNATIONAL GRAB-IT WORKSHOP “Organic farming and agroecology as a response to global challenges” will take place in Capri Island (Naples), Italy. The Workshop is jointly organized by GRAB-IT (Research Group in Organic Farming), Department of Agricultural Sciences – University of Naples Federico II (Italy), and Associazione Scientifica Centro di Portici, Naples. The seminar will be held at the Anacapri Congress Center Edwin Cerio, Anacapri. The deadline for the submission of a two-page abstract is by February 28.

In Toulouse, France, the Food and Health Economics Workshop will take place on June 7 and 8. The workshop provides a forum that encourages the development, critical appraisal and dissemination of methodological research related to food and health economics. Contributions would address and answer key policy questions through rigorous economic analysis. Possible topics include obesity, malnutrition, non-communicable chronic diseases, nutritional transition, ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of food and/or nutritional policies, the strategic role of food firms, food safety. The deadline to submit a research article is February 28.

Finally, the University of Milan Dept. of Health, Animal Science and Food Safety is organizing the International Spring School in Economic Psychology Discrete Choice Experiments and Psychometrics: Theory, Methods and Applications. The School will be held in Milan from May, 7-11 and is open to young researchers and PhD students from both economics and psychology. The instructors, Vicenzina Caputo (Michigan State University), Marco Perugini, and Juliette Richetin (University of Milan Bicocca), will cover the main theoretical and empirical foundations behind Choice Experiment application. The deadline for discounted applications is March 10th.



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