Dear colleagues,

I would like to share with you some very interesting events just around the corner.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the University of Parma, the School of Advanced Studies on Food and Nutrition, and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart are organising the Food Safety Aspects of Integrated Food Systems, 2021 Parma Summer School for next 28-30 September 2021. The 2021 Parma Summer School will provide early-career researchers with an opportunity to learn from some of the most prominent experts in the field of food safety-related aspects of integrated food systems.

Next 27th of September, the EAAE will organize a webinar titled "Replication and open science: Where does the agricultural economics profession stand?". The event will be chaired by Jutta Roosen, President EAAE, Technical University of Munich, with a list of panelists: Robert Finger, ETH Zurich; Iain Fraser, editor Q Open, University of Kent; Arne Henningsen, University Copenhagen; Carola Grebitus, Arizona State University; Tom Hertel, Purdue University; Wuyang Hu, editor CJAE, The Ohio State University; Anna Josephson, University of Arizona. In this webinar, the panel will discuss new developments in the open science movement as it affects the agricultural and applied economics profession. Replication, pre-analysis plans, experimental pre-registration, data and analysis code publications and open access strive to make results more robust. For registration click here.

Next 31 AUGUST – 3 SEPTEMBER, CIBUS – INTERNATIONAL FOOD EXHIBITION will be held in Parma and is the first major Italian international B2B exhibition to reopen in-person. Food companies will present a great number of innovative products, as well as reinterpretations of staple products, with 500 new products to discover at the exhibition. In addition, the collateral event “Cibus Off”, which will host meetings and events from 29 August to 5 September, meetings and initiatives at the exhibition dedicated to Large-Scale Retail and Out of Home professionals


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