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The environmental and nutritional attributes of different food types vary considerably across time and space. Consequently, diets composed of different components of food types will differ in their environmental footprints and in their nutritional quality, and so, they affect human and planetary health differently. When such differences are multiplied by many millions of people, the overall effect is considerable. This Special Issue is on the broad topic of “healthy sustainable diets”. Although we welcome papers discussing any aspect of healthy sustainable diets and eating, we particularly encourage papers that focus on furthering the following questions:

Registration is open for the Parma Summer School 2019 “Risk-benefit in food safety and nutrition”, which will take place at the European Food Safety Authority’s premises on 11-13 June 2019. The course is open to Ph.D. students, young post-doc researchers and scientists looking to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of the risk-benefit approach in food safety and nutrition. The three-day course will cover theory, case studies, and communication of results in risk-benefit studies. It consists of a range of lectures given by experts drawn from EU and national institutions and academia. The deadline for applications is May 30, 2019. The full programme and application details are available on the website:

The seminar "Governance of food chains and consumption dynamics: what are the impacts on food security and sustainability?” on will explore consumption behavior and food chain dynamics as the result of the capabilities, strategies and environment of stakeholders in the food chain, including consumers. Consumption dynamics mostly refer to food transition with a rising intake of meat, sugar, fats and processed food in some regions and consumers’ groups, but also patterns of resistance in others. For more information, visit the seminar website:

The next summer school "Experimental Auctions: Theory and Applications in Food Marketing and Consumer Preferences Analysis", organized by Professor Maurizio Canavari, will take place in Montpellier, France,  at the Campus la Gaillarde INRA / Montpellier SupAgro from July 2 - 9th. This summer school is aimed at learning the fundamentals and the recent advances of experimental auctions. It will provide the appropriate techniques to construct an experimental design, with software applications and workshops regarding specific problems in the fields of food market valuation.


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