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Professor Cecilia Mancini (University of Parma), Guest Editor of the Special Issue of Sustainability "Motivations, Drivers, and Barriers to the Development of Sustainable Agri-Food Systems and Consumption Patterns" welcomes papers which focus on: analyse the socioeconomics of sustainable agri-food systems; study or propose new sustainable paradigms for conventional agri-food production and distribution systems; propose potential paths of sustainable development in term of consumption patterns; use innovative methodologies to evaluate or describe the stakeholders’ motivations, drivers and barriers to the development of sustainable agri-food systems and consumption patterns.


Food Berlin - Sustainable Diets. The Sustainable Diets Summer School aims to provide participants with knowledge that will help to shape the future food production and nutrition. Sustainable diets are needed to enable nine billion people in 2050 to enjoy good and diverse food from sustainable sources, enabling a healthy and active lifestyle. In particular, the following aspects will be considered. International students of agriculture and horticulture, biology, veterinary medicine, medicine, economics, politics, geography or psychology in the late phase of their Master's studies, in which a professional orientation is pending. We would also like to invite doctoral students in the early phase of their doctoral thesis with a research field that is close to the content of the summer school.

174 EAAE Seminar Economics of culture and food in evolving agri-food systems and rural areas Matera, 10-12 October 2019. The seminar aims to promote academic debate about food and rural cultures (in the different meanings mentioned above) and their implications for agricultural and food economics, with either an individual, chain and/or system perspective. In particular, the seminar wants to fuel interaction among different branches of agricultural and food economics that consider partial aspects of culture, in order to promote synergies, cross-fertilisation and system perspective within the discipline. It also wants to explore the potential for multi and interdisciplinary research at the boundary of agricultural economics on the theme of the seminar. Participants who intend to contribute a paper are requested to submit an extended abstract of maximum 2 pages (about 500 words) in English by March 31, 2019.





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