Dear colleagues,

I would like to share with you some very interesting events and calls just around the corner.

From the 26th of August to 2nd of September in Tours, France, the 16th Summer University dedicated to Food & Drink Studies will be held. The summer school will be an opportunity to discuss on the most recent issues in the food research: What are the major interests currently explored in anthropology, classics, gastronomy, history, literary studies, sociology and other disciplines? Which general trends have emerged over recent years? Great opportunity for young scholars.

Next September 3-7, University of Milano-Bicocca, in collaboration with Chalmers University, will organizing a joint summer programme “TOWARDS A BIO-BASED ECONOMY: science, innovation, economics, education”. The main topic will be focused on bio-based economy which aims at reducing the dependence from fossil fuels and finite materials without overexploiting natural resources. Participants will be divided into small groups and will develop an own project taking into account all issues tackled during the course. 

For all those interested in sensory and consumer research, both academics and from industry, it is worthy to register for Eurosense 2018, the Eighth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research 'A Sense of Taste', with a specific attention to individual differences in sensory perception, liking, preference, choice and behaviour. The event, organized by the Italian Sensory Science Society (SISS) and the European Sensory Science Society (E3S) will be held in Verona (Italy) from the 2-5 September 2018.

From August 15 to 18, the Universidad del Valle and the International Association for Ecology and Health will hold their next biennial conference, in Cali, Colombia. The Congress is intended not only to share knowledge but also to understand and experience local alternatives aimed to cope with the challenges of a global world that needs environmental and health equity.

The next Egea conference will be held the 7-9 November in Lion, France. It’s a unique transdisciplinary exchange related to Nutrition and Health prevention with researchers in a broad range of fields and Health professionals sharing an interest in Nutrition. It is aimed at medical doctors, students, scientists, nutritionists, related disciplines as well as academic healthcare professions. At the crossroads of research, market and public policy, EGEA mobilizes decision-makers across frontiers and sectors to promote a diet rich in F&V, healthy for individuals and for their environment. Call for posters by August 31.




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